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Registration of freelance professionals

Publication: 09/03/2022

Beginning in 1996, freelance professionals must register in the Separate pension scheme, a pension fund financed by the mandatory social security contributions of insured workers.

Registration with the Separate pension scheme is aimed at self-employed without a VAT number and at those with a register or cash register which, at the same time as the professional activities, also carry out another work activity covered by a contribution.

According to the provisions of Article 2, paragraph 26, Law No. 335 of 8 August 1995, the "Registration Claim for Para-subordinate Workers" service allows registration of self-employed workers under the Separate pension scheme.

By accessing the dedicated service following authentication, a menu appears that includes the entry for the registration to the Separate pension scheme. Clicking on it allows to access the registration page with the list of fields to fill out.

Once sign up is confirmed and registration has been completed, it is possible to print the receipt.