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Registration with the Artisans Scheme

Publication: 09/03/2022

Artisans entrepreneurs must initiate activities through the Single Notice to be submitted to the register of artisan companies in order to carry out both the administrative duties required for the Register of Companies and those in terms of social security and welfare for INPS.

Registration with the Artisans Scheme is aimed at artisans entrepreneurs, identified as people who produce goods and semi-finished or services, with the exception of agricultural and commercial activities, of intermediation in the distribution of goods or auxiliaries of the latter, except in the case in which they are only instrumental and ancillary to the exercise of the business (Law No. 463 of 4 July 1959; Law No. 443 of 8 August 1985; Law No. 133 of 20 May 1997; Law No. 57 of 5 March 2001).

The use of Single Notice is mandatory for:

  • individual businesses;
  • family businesses;
  • partnerships (SAS and SNC);
  • companies with share capital (SRLs, multiple and single-member private limited liability companies).

Artisan entrepreneurs must meet the following requirements:

  • Be eighteen years of age (except in cases authorised by the court to carry out business when over the age of sixteen);
  • to carry out activities (also manual) personally as owner of the artisan company, with his/her own work and possibly with the help of family members;
  • to perform their manual work in a routine and prevailing manner;
  • to assume full liability of the company with all the burdens and risks inherent in its management;
  • to not exceed the size limits set by Law 443/85.

Within 30 days of the start of the artisan activities, the claim for registration with the artisans companies register must be submitted.

Starting from April 1, 2010, to simplify administrative tasks, the registration system "Single Notice for the establishment of the company" - ComUnica - has been established. Companies operating in the regions that have implemented the ComUnica IT procedure are obliged to use this tool. Otherwise, the procedure currently in use remains active.

The Single Notice which is effective not only for the Register of Companies but also for the Register of Artisan Companies (box AA), must be submitted on-line or on digital support to the Chamber of Commerce both for the start-up of a business as well as for any changes or its cancellation. In the event of registration, the Single Notice is mandatory to enter the following information in the archives of the Register of Companies: registration and declaration of commencement of activities; registration of the company with the simultaneous commencement of the beneficiary for social security purposes.

The law attributes to the registration in the Register of Artisan Companies a constitutive value and grants the company the artisan classification also for social security and welfare purposes. The above classification is maintained from the effective date of registration until the date on which the cancellation takes effect.