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Registration with the Self-employed Agricultural Workers’ Pension Scheme

Publication: 09/03/2022

This is the notice of commencement of self-employed activities in agriculture. Starting from 30 April 2010, the setting up of an independent agricultural company (CD and IAP) requires the use of the ComUnica on-line system.

Registration is aimed at farmers and their families who participate in business activities, professional agricultural entrepreneurs and associated agricultural workers.

The use of the ComUnica system allows to start self-employed agricultural activities and to notify any changes and cancellations in respect of the worker.

The ComUnica system can be used to register or cancel collaborators.

INPS, having carried out the appropriate checks, notifies the acceptance or the refusal within 90 days by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. The deadline is interrupted only due to the claim of further information or documents. Following 90 days, without any interruptions, the claim is tacitly accepted. An appeal can be filed against the decision of the Central Commission for ascertaining and collecting agricultural contributions through the office that issued the decision.

In the event of first registration with the agricultural pension scheme, the claim must be submitted within 90 days from the beginning of activities which start from a certain date (purchase contract, rental contract or loan, term of previous work activities, etc.).

Self-employed agricultural workers must be registered under special lists of names with a five-year validity or supplementary and / or annual changes.