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Transfer from the Old Mutuality Fund to the New Mutuality Fund (ex IPOST Mutuality Fund Pension Scheme)

Publication: 09/03/2022

With the establishment of the New Mutuality Fund, it is no longer possible to register with the Old Mutuality Fund. Those who are enrolled in the Old Mutuality Fund may, however, transfer to the New Mutuality Fund.

Dependent workers and pensioners of the Poste Italiane SpA and associated companies may transfer from the Old Mutuality Fund to the New Mutuality Fund.

The Old Mutuality Funds (Rest Fund and Life Fund), for which registration is no longer possible, allow individuals to benefit from contributions in the event of certain situations (for example, hospital admissions, chronic Illnesses, prostheses and very serious Illnesses), in the event of the death of the policy holder or of a family member dependent on the holder, as well as an annual contribution for thermal treatment stays.

Policy holders may also claim loans in the form of advances on funds and the redemption of the capital of the Life Fund or the Rest Fund upon retirement.

The policy holder may decide to transfer to the New Mutuality Fund, submitting a registration claim as either an employee or pensioner. Once transferred to the New Fund, the policy holder will immediately benefit from all available provisions, including advances on the fund, and all expected benefits.

The mathematical reserve accumulated under the old pension scheme is moved to the New Fund and will be increased by 1.5% each year, in addition to cumulating with the reserve that will be generated under the new pension scheme.

The member of the New Mutuality Fund may choose the capital to be subscribed and may, at any time except for the year of registration, claim resignation from the New Fund, which will be valid from 01 January of the year following the submission of the claim for payment of capital.

For further information, the Mutuality Fund guidelines are available (PDF 4.856KB)