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Change in institutions and public administrations data

Publication: 11/03/2022

Employers registered with the Civil Servants' Pension Scheme must notify INPS all changes in personal and legal information.

The notification of changes must be submitted by institutions and public administrations and, in the cases provided for by law, by private individuals, employers of domestic workers registered with at least one of the schemes dedicated to civil servants.

Changes must be notified to INPS with all relevant information. The method of submitting the notification of changes is the same as provided for registering with the Civil Servants' Pension Scheme.

Public institutions and administrations, with optional or established registration with Social Life Insurance (ENPDEP Insurance Scheme), may withdraw their registration with this pension scheme by 31 December, with effect from 01 January of the following year.

If the institution is exclusively registered with the ENPDEP Insurance Scheme, withdrawal implies the termination of registration with the Civil Servants' Pension Scheme.