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Registration and reporting for shipowners, maritime workers and flight personnel

Publication: 11/03/2022

INPS makes available to maritime and air navigation personnel a series of on-line procedures for filing reports.

The following can access services dedicated to the navigation sector:

  • maritime workers duly enrolled as crew with a navigation license or embarked for service in vessels flying the Italian flag;
  • personnel belonging to civil air navigation crews;
  • office dependent workers of shipping companies.

From 1 January 2014, INPS collects illness and maternity contributions directly and provides the relevant economic benefits (governed respectively by Law No. 831 of 24 April 1938 and by Italian Legislative decree No. 151 of 26 March 2001) for maritime workers who are members of the crew of vessels flying the Italian flag, in other words those duly registered as navigation crew / with a license or otherwise embarked for providing their services on board a ship.

Concerning civil air navigation crews, INPS collects only maternity contributions by providing the relevant economic services.

Sickness and maternity contributions are not due to fishermen making up the crews of vessels not exceeding ten tonnes gross tonnage, recognised as autonomous or cooperatively associated under Law No. 250 of 13 March, 1958.

Activities are managed by INPS according to the methods already in use at INAIL.

In particular, INPS makes available the following on the dedicated on-line service:

  • first registration report (limited to new dependent workers);
  • viewing first registration reports;
  • notifying registry changes;
  • termination reports;
  • remuneration reports (exclusively for the part relating to the notice of salaries received by workers for purposes of calculating INPS benefits).