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Registration of public institutions and administrations

Publication: 11/03/2022

Public administrations must open a contributory position under the Civil Servants' Pension Scheme to declare and pay fixed-term or permanent dependent workers' contributions.

The registration is aimed at public institutions and administrations and, in the cases provided for by the law, at private parties, employers of dependent workers who keep the registration under at least one of the pension schemes dedicated to civil servants.
Contribution pension schemes for civil servants are:

  • CTPS, CPDEL, CPS, CPUG, CPI (for the provision of pension benefits);
  • INADEL, ENPAS (for the provision of compensation for Leaving indemnity for civil servants and severance indemnity benefits);
  • Unified Scheme of Credit and Social Benefits;
  • Social life insurance (ENPDEP Insurance Scheme);
  • Teachers and School Managers Assistance (ENAM Assistance Scheme).

The claim for registration under the Civil Servants' Pension Scheme must be submitted to  INPS complete with all the information needed to verify the conditions required for the opening of a contributory position.