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The quality agricultural work network

Publication: 11/03/2022

The Quality Agricultural Work Network was established at the INPS in order to select farms and other parties mentioned by the current legislation which, following presentation of specific claims, stand out for their compliance with labour, social legislation, income and value added taxes.

Farms can access the Quality Agricultural Work Network, as defined by Article 2135 of the Italian Civil Code (pdf 171KB) and based on what is specified in INPS circular no. 94 of 20 June, 2019.

Article 6, paragraph 1, Decree-law No. 91 of 24 June 2014 (pdf 341KB), converted, with amendments, by Law  No. 116 of 11 August 2014 and amended with Article 8, Law No. 199 of 29 October 29, 2016, establishes that farms who meet the following requirements can take part in the quality agricultural work network:

  • have no criminal convictions for infringements of Labour and social legislation, crimes against the public administration, crimes against public safety, crimes against the public economy, industry and commerce, animal-related crimes and crimes in matters of income and value added taxes, crimes referred to in Articles 600, 601, 602 and 603-bis of the Italian Criminal code;
  • have not been recipients, in the last three years, of administrative penalties, even if not definitive, for breaches regarding work, social legislation and compliance with obligations relating to the payment of taxes and fees. This provision does not apply where the offender or the party who is jointly liable has resolved, prior to the issuing of the definitive provision, the non-compliance and settled the payment of the penalties on a subsidised basis within the terms provided by applicable legislation;
  • Is up to date with the payment of social security contributions and insurance premiums;
  • applies the collective bargaining agreements referred to in Article 51 of Italian legislative decree No. 81 of 15 June 2015;
  • are not controlled or connected, pursuant to Article 2359 of the Italian Civil Code, to persons who do not meet the legal requirements stated above.

In paragraphs 1 bis and 7 bis of the same article, it must be noted that other parties (single branches for immigration, local institutes, Employment centres, bilateral institutes set up by institutions of employers and workers in agriculture, etc.).

Non-agricultural businesses with registered dependent workers, for social security purposes, as agricultural workers

The following cannot join the quality agricultural work network, as they are not farms within the meaning of Art. 2135: companies that, although having as their main or exclusive purpose activities of a different nature from the agricultural one and whose percentages of characteristic revenues (deriving precisely from the main activity), represents the totality or the greater part of the total revenues, have registered in accordance with Article 6, Law No. 92 of 31 March 1979 (pdf 5KB), workers hired for a fixed-term or permanent period for the social security of dependent agricultural workers (see INPS circular No. 126 of 16 December 2009, par. 4.2) (pdf 171KB)

To become part of the Quality Agricultural Work Network it is necessary to submit the claim on-line through the dedicated service.

Registration on the Net is formalised with the publication of the list of accepted companies (pdf 2MB), which is continuously updated.

To look for a company:

1. click on accepted companies;

2. Simultaneously press the key "Ctrl" and the key "F" of the keyboard, in order to display the function "Find" (”Trova”);

3. write the tax identification code of the company in the appropriate space;

4. click on the button “Next” (“Avanti”).

The Quality Agricultural Work Network is monitored by a Control Room which:

  • resolves on claims for participation;
  • excludes farms that no longer meet the legal requirements deemed necessary for membership;
  • draws up, updates and publishes on this site the list of admitted companies;
  • promotes the signing of agreements referred to in paragraphs 1 bis and 7 bis of Article 6, Italian legislative decree 91/2014, converted by law 116/2014 and amended by article 8, Law 199/2016).


To become part of the Quality Agricultural Work Network the claim must be submitted on-line through the dedicated service.

It is also necessary to be equipped with a certified email address (PEC, from its Italian initials), whose address will be provided, confirmed or amended during the service management procedure.

Clicking on the "Confirm" button takes you to the form that allows to select the agricultural business or other party required by law, for whom you intend to fill out and submit the claim form. Through the appropriate upload function, the applicant submitting the claim must attach a copy of a valid identification document.

The applicant can check the status of the claim at any time, which appears with special graphic symbols: "Fill in the form", "Submitted", "Acknowledged", "Accepted", "Accepted with reservations" (if a preliminary investigation supplement is underway that requires further checks) and "Rejected".

After filling out the form, the correct Claim and receipt by INPS are confirmed by the possibility to view and print a dated copy of the claim. The outcome of the claim shall be notified via the Certified Email address stated by the applicant.