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Voluntary resignation

Publication: 04/01/2022

As from 12 March 2016, workers must give notice of their resignation or the consensual termination of their employment contract through a new online procedure introduced by Legislative Decree No. 151 of 14 September 2015, available on the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy website. The initiative aims to combat the phenomenon of so-called "white resignations" that particularly penalise certain categories of workers.

The service is aimed at all workers who wish to tender their resignations.

They can tender their resignation by autonomously filling in the online form for transmission of the communication. The service can be accessed via the appropriate online service. 

If the user accesses the service from the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy website, they will, however, be redirected to the INPS access control page for authentication with own login details.

Alternatively, users can contact a qualified entity (patronage institute, trade union, bilateral institution, certification commissions, employment consultant, National Labour Inspectorate local offices) which will undertake to fill in the required information and send it to the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy on behalf of the worker.

Initially, the information necessary to identify the employment relationship will be requested.

If the job tenure began before 2008, we will need some information relating to the employer (e.g. tax code or company name) and the employment relationship (e.g. the start date of the employment and the type of contract). If the employment relationship started after 2008, some information is pre-filled.
In both cases it is important to enter the e-mail address or Certified Electronic Mail (PEC) of the company in the appropriate fields.

Finally, the effective date of resignation must be indicated, i.e. the day following the last day of work.

The notice of resignation may be withdrawn using the same procedure within seven days from the date of sending of the form.

Further details are available on the users’ video tutorial published by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.