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Application for the formalisation of an irregular employment relationship

Publication: 10/01/2022

The service allows for the submission of applications for the formalisation of irregular employment relationships with Italian or EU citizens which began before 19 May 2020 (date of entry into force of Decree Law no. 34 of 19 May 2020) and which are still ongoing on the date of submission of the application.

The applications submitted for the formalisation of employment relationships pursuant to Article 103 of Decree Law no. 34/2020 may be consulted.

It is aimed at agricultural and domestic employers. The application may also be submitted by their delegated intermediaries.

The following types of employers may submit the application to INPS:

  • Italian nationals;
  • citizens of a member state of the European Union;
  • foreign nationals holding a residence permit pursuant to Article 9 of Legislative Decree no. 286 of 25 July 1998.

Economic sectors in which the formalisation is provided for:

  • agriculture, livestock and breeding, fisheries and aquaculture and related activities;
  • assistance for persons who are suffering from pathologies or disabilities that limit their self-sufficiency or for members of their family, even if not living together;
  • domestic work to support family needs.

The ATECO codes of the economic sectors are identified in Annex 1 of the inter-ministerial decree referred to in Article 103 of Decree Law no. 34/2020.

Employers who meet the following economic requirements may submit the claim:

  • turnover of no less than €30,000.00 per year, if the employer is a natural person, entity, or company;
  • for applications for the formalisation of domestic workers, a taxable income of no less than €20,000.00 per year if a natural person, or no less than €27,000.00 per year in the case of a family made up of several cohabitants.

The ordinary time limit for issuing measures is set by Law No. 241/1990 at 30 days. In some cases the law may set different deadlines.

The table shows the deadlines exceeding 30 days, established by the Institute by means of Regulations.

In addition to the deadlines for issuing the measure, the table also indicates the person responsible for it.