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Daily Allowance (IG) for tuberculosis disease

Publication: 23/03/2022

It is a compensation which is acknowledged for the period of hospital treatment or outpatient/ home care. It is not due if the worker is entitled to receive his/her full payment.

The Daily allowance is due to:

  • insureds who can claim at least one year of contribution or 52 weekly contributions during the entire working life (Article 3, Law No. 419 of 6 August 1975). From 1 January 1999, the contribution required for compulsory tuberculosis insurance has been abolished; therefore the contribution requirement is considered satisfied if there are contributions payments in respect of the insurance against Invalidity, Old Age and Survivors (IVS);
  • to some categories of civil servants;
  • to some categories of pensioners and holders of allowances;
  • to dependent family members of the insured even if they are not insured by the INPS.

Start date and duration

The Daily Allowance (IG) starts from the day of the beginning of the tuberculosis disease even if it was initially certified as a common illness. The compensation is paid for the entire treatment period, i.e. until the stabilisation or recovery date.

What am I entitled to?

The Daily Allowance (IG):

  • Is due for the first 180 days, in full, in the same percentages of the common illness to beneficiaries entitled to social security protection. The remuneration deemed useful for purposes of the calculation is that received during the previous month and must be divided by 30; compensation cannot in any case be lower than the fixed amount established annually by ministerial decree;
  • following 180 days, it is reduced to the fixed amount established annually by ministerial decree;
  • it is payable in a fixed amount to those who are not entitled to social security protection for the illness;
  • 50% of the fixed amount is reduced for SO category pension holders;
  • 50% of the fixed amount is due to family members.

Withdrawal of benefit

Compensation is forfeited in the event of voluntary abandonment of care without a justified reason.
The right to the antituberculosis compensation prescribes within five years.


Individuals who suffer from a tuberculosis disease must meet both the contribution requirement (52 contributions during the working life) and the health requirement certified by the legal medical centre of the regionally relevant INPS entity.

How can I claim?

Medical certificates, necessary for acknowledgement by the Institute of the tuberculosis pathology, must be filled in and sent to INPS by the certifying doctor, by electronic means.

The interested party must ensure to have the aforementioned certificates sent and must submit the electronic claim for purposes of the Daily Allowance (IG). The latter is also valid for the Post Sanatorium Compensation (IPS).

The claim must be submitted on-line to INPS based on the information contained in circular No. 45 of 27 March 2012.
Alternatively, claim can be made by:

  • Telephoning the contact centre on +39 803 164 (free from Italian landlines) or +39 06 164 164 from mobile phones.;
  •  On-line services offered by patronage institutes and intermediaries of the Institute.