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Screening for oncological diseases: accreditation of health facilities

Publication: 09/09/2022

The INPS, with a special annual tender, provides members of the Unified Scheme Fund for credit and social benefits with a free screening service for the prevention and early diagnosis of skin cancers, male genital tract cancers and female genital tract cancers.

Screenings can be performed at the facilities accredited with the Institute through the accreditation procedure.

Admitted to the accreditation procedure are all the structures operating in the healthcare sector (medical centres, multi-specialist clinics, medical laboratories), also in aggregate form, that are equipped with the instruments and specialized medical personnel for the performance, within the single structure, of all three types of benefits referred to in Article 4 of the accreditation notice for screening for the prevention and early diagnosis of oncological diseases, published on the website.

The benefits can also be provided through equipped mobile workstations.

The companies concerned, which meet the requirements set out in the accreditation notice and have registered with the online services in the manner indicated therein, may access the service and submit the accreditation claim, providing the required declarations.


The claim must be submitted within the deadlines set out in the accreditation notice published in the Welfare, assistance and mutuality section.


The claim can be submitted through the online service, by logging in with your credentials.

The deadline to define the decision was set at 30 days by the Regulation for the definition of the terms to conclude the administrative proceedings adopted by INPS pursuant to Article 2 of Law no. 241/1990.

The table attached to the Regulation shows both the deadlines for defining the decisions established by the Institute that are longer than the normal 30-day period, and the indication of the relative manager.