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Admission to guest houses for pensioners registered with the Unified Scheme of Credit and Social Benefits and their spouses

Publication: 25/03/2022

The INPS offers pensioners residential housing in the guest house at Monte Porzio Catone (Rome) and in the “La Pineta” guest house at Pescara, providing food, accommodation, communal facilities, and social, medical, dietary and nursing assistance. Housing is for an indefinite period of time but can be terminated by voluntary resignation, as a result of the loss of self-sufficiency or by the non-payment of the participation fee, which is calculated based on the ISEE.

The guest house service is intended for public pensioners registered with the Credit Fund (also as a result of Ministerial Decree no. 45 of 07 March 2007) and their spouses.

In order to be accepted, the would-be residents must guarantee an income of their own, or have their family members (or a third party) act as their guarantor with a formal letter of commitment. They must also be psychophysically self-sufficient, the condition of which is to be verified by a geriatric evaluation committee within the guest house. Self-sufficiency is verified annually, and its loss shall result in dismissal from the housing.

Access is granted via an annual open call for tender, published online.  Admission to the house comes after an acceptance and the respect of all rules contained in the guest houses’ internal regulations.

Residents shall share expenses with monthly boarding costs, established according to the ISEE    brackets to which they belong.  The fee varies from a minimum of 550 euro to a maximum of 1,000 euro for a pensioner in a single room, and from a minimum of 1,000 euro to a maximum of 1,800 euro for spouses in a double room.

The amount is subject to revaluation on the basis of the increase in the cost of living.

In the event of acute and/or short-term illness, the guest house shall ensure that the appropriate treatment is provided. In case of persisting illness or a more complex disease, the resident shall be temporarily transferred to a health resort, public or private, with costs to be borne by the National Health Service. In the event of loss of psychophysical self-sufficiency, the resident shall be transferred, with the family’s agreement, to long-term care facilities affiliated with the guest house.

To find out more, watch the video on the Monte Porzio Catone guest house.