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Admission to the “G. Bettolo” Seafarers’ Retirement Home in Camogli

Publication: 25/03/2022

Admission to the “G. Bettolo” Seafarers’ Retirement Home’s residential housing in Camogli (GE) ensures that residents receive the following benefits:

  • use of a single assigned room, fully furnished, with bathroom facilities on the same floor;
  • catering service;
  • use of bed linen and towels;
  • laundry service and ironing of personal linen only, according to the procedures established by the facility’s management;
  • use of the facility’s premises, common areas and equipment;
  • social, dietary, medical and nursing assistance. Medical assistance is limited to a few hours, daily or weekly, with the exception of general and specialist medical services for which the National Health Service is legally required to pay;
  • use of common premises, if available, for various services at the direct expense of the residents.

The structure accommodates self-sufficient elderly people who, for at least a part of their life, have sailed. It shall also be open to the surviving spouses of such persons. Admission is reserved for INPS pensioners Maritime Social Security (PM) category or AGO pension (General Compulsory Insurance), paid out with the contribution statement for navigation activities – or recipients of the survivor’s pension from the PM category or from the AGO pension paid out with the calculation of contribution for navigation activities.

Admission to the “G. Bettolo” Retirement Home in Camogli requires participation in the relevant call for tender. The structure offers indefinite hospitality on payment of a contribution equal to 50% of the monthly pension (excluding the thirteenth month), calculated as a net of family allowance and revenue withholding taxes. Admission criteria take into account the economic situation and require acceptance of and compliance with all rules laid down in the retirement home’s rules of procedure. Housing may cease to be provided following either a voluntary resignation or the loss of the required self-sufficiency.

The resident’s contribution is paid via a deduction on the amount of pension paid by the provincial INPS office in Genova, where resident’s pensions are transferred by local jurisdiction.


Before filling in the claim, the would-be resident must be registered in the database in order to be recognised by the INPS as an “applicant” the service. Those who are not registered will have to apply for registration using forms PR190  (if a survivor, guardian or heir) or AS150 (if retired). The form, duly filled in, must be presented by the applicant to the competent provincial INPS office:

  • by physically visiting the INPS office;
  • by sending a digitised copy of the form, through certified email, to the certified email address of the provincial INPS office or via regular email to the competent provincial INPS office, with a copy of a valid identity document;
  • by sending the form in a recorded letter with advice of receipt, attaching a copy of a valid identity document;
  • by transmitting, via fax, to the number of the competent provincial INPS office, a copy of the form, attaching a copy of a valid identity document.

The addresses, fax numbers and email addresses to which the above forms should be sent can be found in the appropriate section.

When can I claim?

The claim must be submitted within the time limits laid down in the call for tender.

How can I claim?

The claim must be submitted to the INPS online by using the dedicated service.