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Contribution for Thermal Treatments for those registered with the Ex IPOST New Mutuality Fund

Publication: 25/03/2022

Each year, INPS publishes a call for tender for a thermal treatment contribution, to be assigned to those registered with the ex IPOST's Old Mutuality Fund.

The call for tender is intended for those registered with the ex IPOST's Old Mutuality Fund.

The contribution amount and the means of payment are indicated in the call for tender.


To be admitted to the tender, the individual must first be registered with the New Mutuality Fund with a capital of at least €516.46.

How can I claim?

The claim, including a copy of the payment statement, must be completed by using the form provided and sent via registered letter with return receipt or via insured delivery to the following address:

INPS - Direzione centrale Credito, welfare e strutture sociali, Area Politiche di Assistenza e di Inclusione sociale per gli iscritti ai fondi di mutualità.

Viale A. Ballarin, 42 – 00142 Rome

The claim may also be sent via certified email (PEC) to:

On the claim form it is necessary to indicate the IBAN code of the post office account, Italian bank account or pre-paid card that is authorised to receive bank transfers from public authorities, in either the name or joint name of the policy holder receiving the benefit.

For the terms and conditions for sending the claim, please refer to the provisions of the specific call for tender.