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Estate INPSieme Senior (summer stays)

Publication: 25/03/2022

Estate INPSieme Senior is an annual tender that offers about 4 thousand pensioners, their spouses and disabled children living together, who appear in the ISEE certificate where the holder of the benefit is present, the possibility of enjoying summer stays at the seaside, mountain, spa or Italian cultural events in July, August and September.

Pensioners can take part in the competition:

  • to be paid by the Civil Servants' Pension Scheme or beneficiaries of the Unified Scheme of Credit and Social Benefits pursuant to Ministerial decree No. 45 of 7 March 2007;
  • charged to the ex IPOST Fund Scheme.

Start date and duration

The start date, duration and destinations of stays are stated in the call for tender, available in the section Welfare, assistance and mutualities.

What am I entitled to?

INPS grants a contribution to the total or partial coverage of the cost of a stay package in Italy, organised and provided by third parties operating in the tourism sector (tour operators and travel agencies) chosen by the applicant claiming the benefit contribution.

The package must include the costs of accommodation at tourist accommodation facilities, food and travel expenses as well as any expenses related to trips, excursions, sports activities and recreational activities

The payable contribution is established by the ISEE of the right holder's family unit, as a percentage of the maximum value established by the call for tender.


The requirements for the summer stay claim are specified in the call for tender.

Eligibility to the holiday depends on rankings drawn up by increasing order of ISEE indicators, granting priority access to disabled persons assisted by Article 3, paragraph 3 of the Law No. 104 of 5 February 1992.

When can I claim?

The terms for submitting the claim are established in the call for tender.

In order to fill out the application, it is necessary to be registered in the database as an "applicant" of the benefit contribution. The applicant could, in fact, be a different person (for example, the child's other parent or guardian) than the right holder whose personal is already known by INPS. In these cases, the applicant must first submit the database registration claim form, database registration claim in accordance with the terms of the call. Furthermore, the requesting party is required to have a "PIN" device - to be requested in the manner stated by the notice - which can be used to access all on-line services provided by INPS.

Once registered in the reserved area of the dedicated service, the "Summer INPSinsieme Senior - Application" procedure appears, which allows the filling out and submission of the claim for taking part in the tender. In the "Follow the application" section of the reserved area it will also be possible to consult the outcome of the competition and all information relating to the stay.

How can I claim?

The claim to take part in the stays must be submitted on-line to INPS using the dedicated service.