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Hospitality services at "Case del Maestro" for members enrolled in the Teachers and School Managers Assistance Scheme

Publication: 25/03/2022

Every year INPS organises three calls for tenders concerning thermal and health resort stays at Case del Maestro owned by INPS and other affiliated accommodation facilities.

The following can participate in the call for tenders:

  • those enrolled in the Teachers and School Managers Assistance Scheme in service or retired (state school teachers of early days and primary education under permanent contracts, school administrators holding former position of educational directors, the current directors of general and administrative services under Law 1213/1967 subject to ENAM withholding, and Catholic religion teachers hired as teachers in early centres and primary schools and subject to ENAM withholding tax);
  • to their minor orphans and cohabiting family members included on the ISEE form;
  • to the widowed children and orphans of the deceased member.

Start date and duration

The effective date, duration and destinations are indicated in the calls for tender, which can be consulted in the section Welfare, assistance and mutual funds calls.

What am I entitled to?

The stays are funded by the Teachers and School Managers Assistance Scheme, through the monthly contribution of 0.80% of the gross remuneration paid by the members and provide for full board and optional services.

The stays, the services provided and the breakdown of shifts are described in the "accommodation sheets", published in the list of opportunities in the online section dedicated to each call issued by INPS.

Withdrawal of benefit

Failure to indicate, within the terms and conditions communicated by INPS of at least one preference structure, effects relinquishment and exclusion from the assignment of the stay and from any re-proposal.

In the event of failure to pay the contribution for the stay, within the terms communicated by INPS after the publication of the ranking of the announcement, the reservation will be cancelled.

Participants not included in the claim will not be permitted to use the accommodation facilities.

If, during the preliminary review of the claim, the system does not identify the submission of a Single Substitute Statement (Dichiarazione Sostitutiva Unica- DSU) valid at the date of submission of the claim, the claim will be placed at the end of the ranking list and the contribution of the per capita participation fee will be equal to the amount envisaged in the last category of the table in the call for tender.

In this case of a possible disability condition, neither the beneficiary nor the other family members will be taken into consideration. The beneficiary will be the only person admitted for the stay.


The calls for tender indicate, from time to time, the requirements and the criteria for determining the ranking of participation.

All guests participate in the expenses with a contribution that varies according to the ISEE bracket of the applicant and the number of participants. The amount due must be paid through domiciled collection.

When can I claim?

The claim must be submitted within the time frame provided by the call for tender and, for its completion, an "applicant" must be registered in the database for the service. The applicant could, in fact, be a different person (for example, the widower / widower, the other parent or guardian of a minor) than the holder of the right and whose personal data is already in the possession of INPS and must, first of all, submit a claim for registration in the database in the manner indicated in the notice.

Once enrolled, in the reserved area of the dedicated service, the "ENAM Stays - Claim" procedure appears to be filled out and the claim can be submitted for participation in the competition.

During the completion of the claim, in the "other participants of the stay" section, any participating family members will have to be included; no members can be added subsequently.

The winner of the call must choose the preferred accommodation through the online "Choose holiday preferences" procedure which provides for a maximum of five different accommodation packages (single shift location). Once the preference has been indicated, the INPS communicates to the winner, through the section reserved to the call, SMS or email, the acceptance and the deadline for the payment of the due contribution, complete with the unique payment code and the amount.

How can I claim?

The claim to INPS must be submitted on-line using the dedicated service.

Alternatively, and only in case of technical problems with the online service, the claim can be submitted:

  • by phoning the Contact Centre at 803 164 (free from Italian landlines) or +06 164 164 from mobile phones;
  • by electronic services offered by patronage institutes and intermediaries thereof.