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Childbirth bonus - € 800

Publication: 31/03/2022

The childbirth bonus of Euros 800 (bonus mamma domani) is paid by INPS for the childbirth or adoption of a minor, starting from 1 January 2017, upon claim of the future mother at the end of the seventh month of pregnancy (beginning of the eighth month of pregnancy) or upon birth, adoption or adoption placement.

The bonus does not contribute to the formation of the total income referred to in Article 8 of the Consolidated Act on Income Tax.

The service, otherwise known as bonus mamma domani, is intended for pregnant women or mothers if one of the following events took place from 1 January 2017:

  • completion of the seventh month of pregnancy;
  • childbirth occurred, even if prior to the beginning of the 8th month of pregnancy;
  • national or international adoption of the minor, ordered by definitive sentence pursuant to Law no. 184 of 4 May 1983;
  • national adoption placement by Order pursuant to art. 22, par. 6, Law 184/1983 or international adoption placement pursuant to art. 34, Law 184/1983.

The benefit is disbursed as a lump-sum payment for each event (pregnancy, childbirth, adoption or foster care) and in relation to each child born, adopted or placed.


The amount is € 800.

The payment methods provided are:

  • bank transfer to be accredited at the post office;
  • deposit to a bank account;
  • deposit to postal current account;
  • postal savings book;
  • prepaid card with IBAN;
  • foreign bank account (SEPA Area). In this case, the user may enter the outside Italy IBAN, attaching the financial identification form stamped and signed by a representative of the foreign bank or accompanied by an account statement (in which the accounting data are obscured) or a declaration from the issuing bank showing the IBAN code and the identification data of the account holder.

For all payments, except for wire at post office, the IBAN code is required.

From of April 10, 2020, it is no longer necessary to complete and submit the model SR 163 (INPS circular No. 48 of 29 March 2020).


Expectant mothers and mothers, Italian, EU or non-EU citizens, must be generally present and resident in Italy.

Claims submitted by foreign non-EU citizens, generally present in Italy, previously rejected in application of INPS circulars no. 39 of 27 February 2017, no 61 of 16 March 2017 and no. 78 of 28 April 2017, will be reviewed considering Order 6019/2017 of the Court of Milan. The claim for review of the claim must be made by the interested party, using the form enclosed to message no. 661 of 13 February 2018, at the territorial INPS structure, which will assess the existence of the requirements with reference to regular presence in Italy and other legal and factual requirements under the law.

The bonuses will be paid reserving the right to repeat under the aforementioned order.


The claim may be submitted after the seventh month of pregnancy (beginning of eighth month) or after the birth or one of the other events provided fir by law: adoption and pre-adoptive fostering.


The claim must be submitted to INPS using one of the following methods:

  • online services accessible directly by the applicant through dedicated service;
  • Contact Centre at 803 164 (free from Italian landlines) or +06 164 164 (from mobile phones);
  • via electronic services offered by patronage and intermediaries thereof.

If you choose to submit the claim online via the dedicated service, you can download the user manual from the menu that describes the available features and guides you through the claim process.

The application allows, in addition to entering and submitting the claim, to review claims already transmitted and to access other services for the family filed under the Virtual Desk for social income payments (childbirth bonus - baby bonus and Family allowances).

A single claim must be submitted per minor. If the claim has already been submitted in relation to the completion of the seventh month of pregnancy no further claim can be submitted at birth. Similarly, the benefit for adoption placement cannot be claimed on the occasion of the subsequent adoption of the same minor.

In case of multiple childbirths, the claim, if already submitted at the end of the seventh month of pregnancy, must also be presented at birth including the information of all the minors, necessary to benefit from the bonus already claimed, with respect to the number of newborns.

The claim can be submitted also if the applicant, despite having completed the seven months of pregnancy on 1 January 2017, was unable to complete the pregnancy due to an interruption thereof. In this case, the claim must enclose supporting documentation.

If the claim must be submitted by a legal representative, this must be in possession of the login details of the applicant to access the system using the identification data of the interested party.

In case of abandonment or exclusive custody of the father, forfeiture of parental authority or death of the mother, the father may submit the claim directly in the same manner by using a dedicated service.

Maternity certificate

The applicant must indicate alternatively one of the following options:

  • online protocol number of the certificate issued by the SSN (Italian Health Service) doctor or ASL (Local Health Authority) doctor; certification must be issued only after the statutory seventh month has elapsed;
  • indication that the certificate has already been sent to INPS for a claim relating to another benefit connected with the same pregnancy;
  • for non-working mothers only, it is possible to indicate the 15-digit identification number and the date of issue of a medical prescription issued by a doctor of SSN or similar, indicating the exemption code included between M31 and M42 including. The truthfulness of this self-certification will be verified by INPS at the relevant administrations.

It is noted that the claim self-certifies the other requirements that effect the right to the bonus benefits unless the beneficiary is required to provide supporting documentation in this regard.

The foregoing applies also to situations of non-recognition, abandonment or exclusive custody of the father or death of the mother.

  • Residency permit. Non-EU citizens habitually present in Italy who fall under the legal and factual conditions provided for by article 1, paragraph 353, Law no. 232 of 11 December 2016, must indicate the possession of the residence permit considered valid for the birth allowance (INPS circulars) no. 39 of 27 February 2017 and no. 61 of 16 March 2017) or a residence permit, inserting the details in the online claim (certification identification number; issuing authority; release date; validity period);
  • Childbirth has already occurred. The mother must self-certify in the claim the date of birth and the personal details of the child (tax code), or the information that is necessary to access the benefit. In the event of multiple births, all minors must be listed, as the benefit is recognised for each minor/event;
  • National adoption/ foster care. To certify the date of adoption or foster care/entry into the family, it is necessary to indicate the required elements to identify the information or data present in the order of adoption or foster care issued by the competent authority (type, number, date of the order and issuing authority, order type, order number, order date, the authority that issued the order). Or a digital copy of the order itself can be enclosed in order to identify the aforementioned elements;
  • International adoption/ foster care. To certify the date of entry into Italy, it is necessary to indicate at the time of claim the elements needed to obtain information or data contained in the authorisation for entry of the minor in Italy issued by Commissione per le Adozioni Internazionali (Commission for International Adoptions - CAI) (number of authorisation, date of authorisation), or the number and date of the authorisation. Alternatively, you may attach a digitised copy of the authorisation or the single substitute statement to allow identification of the aforementioned elements. A single substitute statement of the authorisation may be attached;
  • Date of entry into the family. To certify the date of entry into the family, a digital copy of the certificate of the body authorised to oversee the adoption procedure showing the date of actual entry into the family must be attached;
  • Adoption pronounced in the foreign state. Upon claim, there must be indicated the main elements to identify the information or data present in the order of transcription in the civil status registry of the adoption order issued by the foreign state (type, number, date of order, and issuing authority), or a digital copy of the same order can be attached in order to allow the identification of the aforementioned elements.
  • Abandonment/ exclusive foster care to father. Upon claim, there must be indicated the main elements to identify the information or data present in the order issued by the foreign state (type, number, date, and issuing authority) Alternatively, a digital copy of the same order can be attached.

Self-certification of the date of transcription of the order and the municipality in whose civil status registers the provision has been transcribed is also an option.