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Parental leave allowance for self-employed workers

Publication: 31/03/2022

Parental leave is an optional period of time off work available to parents, allowing them time to care for their child during the first years of the child's life and fulfil their emotional and social needs.

Parental leave is due subject to the condition of self-employed workers having made the payment of contributions for the month preceding the one in which the leave begins (or a part of it) and that there is an actual abstention from the work activities.

For self-employed workers parental leave is due for a maximum of three months within the first year of the child's life.
For pre-adoptive placements and fostering, regardless of whether national or international, parental leave can be granted for a maximum period of three months within the first year of the date that the minor entered into the family.

In the case of childbirth, adoption or multiple custody the right to parental leave is provided for each child under the conditions stated above.

Compensation paid is equal to 30% of the conventional remuneration envisaged for the year in which the leave begins.

When can I claim?

The claim must be submitted before the start date of the claimed period of leave. If claimed after this time, only days of leave following the claim date will be paid.

How can I claim?

The claim for parental leave can be made to INPS on-line using the dedicated service.

Alternatively, the claim can be made by:

  • Calling the contact centre on +39 803 164 (free from Italian landlines) or +39 06 164 164 from mobile phones;
  • On-line services offered by patronage institutes and intermediaries thereof.