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Stork Bonus - Economic contribution for birth or adoption (IPOST Fund Scheme)

Publication: 31/03/2022

INPS annually publishes a competition for payment of an economic contribution for birth or adoption.

The competition is reserved for dependent workers of the Poste Italiane SpA Group and dependent workers registered with the IPOST Fund Scheme, subject to a monthly deduction of 0.4% as referred to in Article 3 of Law no. 208 of 27 March 1952, and pensioners who were dependent workers with the Poste Italiane SpA Group of the IPOST Fund Scheme.

The following may also apply for participation:

  • the spouse of the policy holder, in the event of the latter's death, as a “surviving parent”;
  • the spouse of the policy holder, with the latter being deprived of parental responsibility, as a “claiming parent”;
  • the unmarried parent of the policy holder, in the event of the latter’s death or in the event that the latter is deprived of parental responsibility;
  • the guardian of the child or of the orphan of the policy holder.

The number of contributions to be granted, and the respective amounts, are indicated in the call for tender.


Children or orphans of the policy holder, born or adopted in the course of the calendar year indicated in the call for tender, are beneficiaries of the competition.

When submitting their claim, the applicant must have submitted their Single Substitute Statement (DSU) for the determination of the regular ISEE or the ISEE for minors with unmarried and non-cohabiting parents if they are in possession of the conditions indicated in the current legislation.

The ISEE declaration is issued by INPS on the applicant’s submission of the DSU. The ISEE declaration refers to the family unit to which the beneficiary belongs and is required for determining the classification position.

Failure to submit the DSU by the date on which the application to take part in the competition is submitted, will result in the beneficiary's slippage in the relevant merit list.

After the tender has been published and the claim to participate in the competition has been submitted, each participant in the selection will be able to view the status of the file online within the reserved area.

How can I claim?

The claim must be submitted to INPS online by using the dedicated service. The deadline for claim submission is established by the call for tender.