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Certificate of secondment of workers to an EU country

Publication: 17/03/2022

Form A1 certifies that the so-called "seconded” worker remains insured for social security purposes in the EU country in which the host company is based or in the country in which he/she habitually works as a self-employed person.

Secondments are applicable to both employees and self-employed workers.

The A1 certificate must be issued in all cases in which the conditions for secondment provided for by Community legislations are met (article 12, EC Regulation n. 883 of 29 April 2004 and article 14, EC Regulation n. 987 of 16 September 2009).

For employees, secondment takes place when the employer, on his/her own account, transfers the worker to another EU country for a maximum period of 24 months.

Self-employed workers who normally work in an EU country may also temporarily (for a maximum of 24 months) move to another EU country in order to pursue an activity similar to that pursued in their country of origin. In all circumstances, an A1 certificate must be claimed from INPS before the worker’s departure.

With regards to employees, the claim for the aforementioned certificate must be made by the employer, whereas, for self-employed workers, the claim must be made directly by the person concerned.

The applicable regional INPS office is, for employees, the one at which the employer is registered and, for self-employed workers, the one at which the individual concerned is registered.

The form used to claim the A1 form is available online and must be received by the Institute via the procedure indicated in message n. 218 of 20 January 2016.