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Life existence verification

Publication: 11/04/2022

In order to ensure that payments are made regularly, Citibank shall verify the pensioner’s life existence, address and residency each year. The various verification systems are based on the request for the pensioner’s statements to be endorsed by “acceptable witnesses” (authorities empowered to establish the identity of the declarant) and on one or more pension instalments being collected at a local operator’s counters (“partner di appoggio”) by the pensioner.

Life existence verification concerns pensioners residing abroad.

The life existence survey takes place every year, sent to pensioners in a package containing an explanatory letter and a form declaration. The letter also provides a list of acceptable witnesses for the pensioner’s country of residence (a representative from an embassy or a local authority that is empowered to authenticate the signing of a life existence testimony) and a list of the supporting documentation to be attached: a photocopy of a photo ID of the pensioner, a photocopy of the first page of their most recent bank statement, or a photocopy of a bill made out in their name.

Pensioners will be granted 120 days within which to provide Citibank with the requested documentation. In order to allow for an orderly and timely management of returned declarations, the form of attestation for life existence is personalised for each pensioner. It is therefore essential that each pensioner use the form sent by Citibank and not a blank form. If a pensioner does not receive the form, or if they lose it, they must contact Citibank’s customer service. They will then be provided with a new personalised form, both through the post and via email.

For particular, subjective situations (disabled persons, those with functional limitations, hospitalised, detained or imprisoned, etc.) in which the pensioner is not able to provide life existence attestation as described above, other methods will be made possible after contacting Citibank’s customer service.

For pensioners residing in Canada, Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, starting from the life existence verification for 2015, the INPS has provided the bank in charge of handling payments with a list of patronage institutes workers who, according to local regulations, shall qualify as acceptable witnesses. These individuals are authorised to access a portal that has been specifically designed by Citibank for the purposes of digitally testifying pensioners’ life existence.

The same electronic method of certifying pensioners’ life existence has also been made available to officials of Italian diplomatic representations indicated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

Furthermore, patronage institutes workers operating abroad can send life existence attestation forms digitally: the patronage institute worker can upload copies of forms or life existence certificates, including any supporting documents, duly completed and signed as appropriate, directly to the bank’s computer system, thus avoiding postal delivery.