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Online submission of death certificates

Publication: 11/04/2022

The municipal registries must submit communications of death electronically, through the channel made available by the Ministry of Home Affairs (SAIA), within 48 hours of the occurrence of the event.

If the above channel is out of order, communications must be submitted to INPS by using the dedicated service made available by INPS.

From 01 January 205, even post-mortem doctors are obliged to submit death certificates online, through the dedicated service, both to INPS and the Municipality, adhering to the same submitting terms.

The service is intended for post-mortem doctors and municipal registries.

With Law no. 289 of 27 December 2002, a requirement has been introduced for municipality registries to transmit online communications of death to the INPS. These legal provisions made delivering death certificates in paper form by private citizens to the INPS offices obsolete.

Article 20 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 112 of 25 June 2008, converted, with amendments, by Law no. 133 of 06 August 2008, established that communication must be submitted within two days of the event.

Law no. 2 of 28 January 2009 then stated that the sending must occur within 24 hours after the administrative procedure has been concluded.

Lastly, Article 1 of Law no. 190 of 23 December 2014 (Stability Law for 2015) has established the obligation for post-mortem doctors to send death certificates to the INPS online within 48 hours of the event, using the same method as is already in use for the online transmission of illness certificates.

The INPS, following a report of death by the municipal registry office or the post-mortem doctors, provides, in a fully automated manner, to identify the subject in its databases and makes the appropriate changes (cancellation or revocation of the pension, loss of relative status, change in marital status, etc.).