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My future pension: simulation of your pension

Publication: 04/04/2022

My future pension is the service that allows to simulate what the pension will presumably be at the end of your working life. The calculation is based on the legislation in force and on three fundamental elements: age, work life history and remuneration / income.

The following may avail of the service:

  • workers with contributions paid to the Dependent Workers’ Pension Fund (FPLD);
  • workers with contributions paid to the Separate pension scheme;
  • those enrolled in the Industrial companies executives pension scheme;
  • workers with contributions paid to other funds and managed by INPS.

The service allows:

  • to check the contributions that are paid into INPS and notify the Institute of missing contribution periods through the contribution reporting function;
  • to know the date on which the right to an old-age or early retirement pension matures;
  • to calculate the estimated amount of the "constant currency" pension, in other words regardless of the inflation trend;
  • to get an estimate of the ratio between the first pension instalment and the last salary (replacement rate);
  • simulate the suspension of work, by entering the date on which work activity is to be interrupted;
  • change the forecast of future GDP ( 1.5% or 1% annual increase in the medium-long term) and its annual payment / earnings trend (from 0% - settled at 5% - brilliant);
  • choose the fund on which to base the simulation.

The service also allows to build a future pension by comparing different scenarios and performing simulations. Citizens can:

  • verify the incidence of different salaries by modifying the remuneration of the current year and the annual percentage trend;
  • estimate the economic effect of a postponement by varying the retirement date;
  • combine the variables of salary and retirement date.

The “My future pension”: service assessment (pdf 269 KB) allows to see the results of the questionnaire of those who simulated their future pension.

For more information watch the project presentation video by INPS President Tito Boeri and consult the material relating to the INPS-AgID press conference of 17 March 2016 entitled "Digital Citizen, SPID and Orange Envelope".