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Pension Claim, Reconstitution, Accruals, Pension Certification, ECOCERT

Publication: 04/04/2022

The service allows workers enrolled in private pension schemes administered by INPS to submit the claim on-line to claim certain social security benefits.

The service also allows beneficiaries registered with the public pension scheme to submit a claim for a direct old-age or early retirement pension, or seniority for exceptional cases currently envisaged such as safeguarded pensions, as well as claims for accrued and uncollected accruals.

It also allows for the certification of the right to a pension (ECOCERT), the Social APE advance payment and the benefit for workers who were under age 18 when they first began to work.

The service is aimed at private or public sector workers, in relation to the direct claim for old age or early retirement pension.

With the above service, beneficiaries who meet the requirements provided for by the law can fill out on-line and submit the claim for benefits to which they are entitled. The benefits in question are:

  • old-age pension (also for Civil Servants’ Pension Scheme members);
  • early retirement (also for Civil Servants’ Pension Scheme members);
  • incapacity pension;
  • invalidity allowance;
  • social allowance;
  • survivors' pension (reversibility / indirect);
  • seniority pension (also Civil Servants’ Pension Scheme members);
  • pension reconstitution;
  • accrued and uncollected accruals (also for Civil Servants’ Pension Scheme members)
  • certified account statement (also for Civil Servants’ Pension Scheme members);
  • social APE;
  • benefits for early age workers.

The Users Manual (pdf 4.8 MB) contains the basic instructions for completing the claim with the required documentation.

Beneficiaries registered with public pension schemes are first asked to fill in the register data and then to select the type of pension from a drop-down menu (old age, advanced age, seniority due to exceptional cases currently envisaged such as safeguarded pensions) and then the fund they belong to. In order to proceed with submitting the claim, it is also necessary to fill out responsibility declaration relating to:

  • last employer;
  • the date on which the employment relationship ended;
  • any other rights to pension and / or welfare benefits.

Finally, if the Family Allowance (ANF) is claimed together with the pension, beneficiaries of public pension schemes must state the presumed income.