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Pensions for individuals enrolled on the Housepersons Fund

Publication: 13/04/2022

The INPS pays out incapacity pension and old-age pension benefits to individuals enrolled on the Housepersons Fund.

These benefits are granted to individuals of either gender who are enrolled on the Housepersons Fund and who carry out unpaid care work arising from family responsibilities.

What am I entitled to?

The amount is based on the contribution calculation system.

These pension benefits cannot be incorporated into the minimum pension compensation.


The incapacity pension is granted after at least five years of contributions have been made, and provided that the beneficiary is now completely incapable of carrying out any type of work ever again.

The old-age pension can be claimed when the beneficiary turns 57, provided that at least five years of contributions have been paid in (equivalent to 60 months). Furthermore, the pension is paid out only if the amount accrued is as much as or more than the social allowance, increased by 20% (1.2 times the social allowance) and does not take account of the amount that the beneficiary has accrued on turning 65 years of age.

These types of pensions cannot be granted to surviving members of the deceased beneficiary.

To receive these pension benefits, household members aged between 18 and 65 who carry out domestic tasks to take care of the family household, exclusively and not from time to time, without there being a relationship of subordination or remuneration, must enrol on the National Insurance Institute for Employment (INAIL).

How can I claim?

Claims for both the incapacity pension and the old-age pension must be submitted exclusively online to the INPS using the service provided.