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Access to welfare services

Publication: 20/04/2022

The welfare services access portal allows those entitled to welfare benefits, provided by the INPS to identify, for each benefit, possible beneficiary family members.

Registration with the service is necessary in all cases in which the beneficiary is not the same person as the entitled individual.

The service is aimed at those who are registered with, users of and pensioners with the Civil Servants’ Pension Scheme, the Teachers and School Managers Assistance Scheme and the former IPOST Pension Scheme, as identified in the specific call for tender.

After accessing the service through the PIN device, the user may choose the benefit for which they are the holder and for which they would like to indicate a beneficiary. Aside from filling out personal data, it is also necessary to indicate the familial link between the beneficiary and the entitled individual. Once the beneficiary has been identified, it will be possible to submit a digital claim for the single benefit. It shall be possible to attach the delegation, accompanied by the delegator's identity card, to the submission of the claim, if provided for in the call for tender.

For the digital submission of the claims please use the “Domande welfare in un click” [Welfare claims in a click] service.

The rights holder can manage their own personal information database independently and update it as needed (for example after the birth of a child). As such, each time that they wish to submit a new claim, all data on the potential beneficiary will already be uploaded in the claim and it will no longer be necessary to manually register information in the database.

In this first phase, the service will only be available for the Home Care Premium and Long Term Care benefits.

The service will be progressively extended to include the INPS’ other social benefits (scholarships, language courses, accommodation, etc.).