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Changing personal, address and contact details

Publication: 20/04/2022

This service enables users to view and change their personal details, home address and personal contact details (such as phone number, email address or certified email address, PEC).

The service is available to INPS users with login details for the access to the dedicated service.

Functions to view and change information can be accessed using the various buttons displayed in the application. By clicking on the 'Personal Details' and 'Addresses' buttons, users can view and update their personal details that the INPS has on record. The 'My contact details' button enables users to view and change their landline and mobile phone numbers, fax number, email address and certified email address (PEC). The 'My claims' button also lets users check the outcome of their change information claim and, if they move overseas, to fill in the claim to change their home address (in this instance, they will need to print and attach a scanned copy of the form provided in the procedure as part of the change information claim).

Further information is provided in the Guide in PDF format, which can be downloaded in the application.