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Checking the green pass to access the workplace

Publication: 09/09/2022

Greenpass50+ is the service that allows the automated verification of the possession of green Covid-19 certifications (green pass) to access the workplace.

The service is aimed at all employers with more than 50 employees, both private and public, who are not members of NoiPA.

Greenpass50+, by querying the National DGC Platform as an intermediary, allows the asynchronous verification of the Covid-19 green pass concerning the list of tax codes of its employees, known to the Institute at the time of the claim.

Verification activities must only be carried out about the personnel actually in service for whom access to the workplace is required on the day when the verification is carried out, excluding those employees who are absent for specific reasons (e.g. holidays, illnesses, leave) or those who perform work remotely.

If, following these checks, the interested party does not have a valid Covid-19 green pass and therefore the attendance detection system does not allow access, they have the right to request that the verification be carried out again at the time of accessing the workplace through the mobile application described in Attachment B, paragraph 4 of the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 17 June 2021 (VerificaC19).

The Greenpass50+ service includes three distinct phases:

  • the first, accreditation, where employers will be able to accredit the company to the green pass verification service and indicate the inspectors, who will check the possession of the green pass;
  • the second, processing, where the INPS accesses the National DGC Platform to retrieve information on the possession of the green pass by the employees of the companies that have joined the service;
  • the third, verification, where the inspectors access the service to check the possession of the green pass of the employees of the accredited companies, after selecting the names for which the possession of the green pass must be verified.


Employers, also through delegated intermediaries, accredit the company and specify the tax codes of the inspectors who will have to check the possession of the green pass of their employees, selecting them from the list made available within the application. Depending on its management, the company will be identified:

  • from the contributory position (registration number) for the management of private employees;
  • from the CIDA, for agricultural management;
  • from the tax identification code of the entity and the progressive number, for the Civil Servants’ Pension Scheme.

During the accreditation phase (online), where possible, the following checks will be carried out: the size of the company, the number of employees (it must exceed 50 employees) and, for public employers, whether or not it is registered with NoiPA for salary services.

When the check of the size of the company, concerning the number of employees, is not possible during the accreditation phase, it will be carried out during the initial processing phase and if the number of employees is lower than or equal to 50, the accreditation will be automatically revoked.

Employers, or their intermediaries, will be able to identify and authenticate themselves to the accreditation service, through their access credentials.


During the processing phase, the INPS will normally perform the following processing steps every day:

  • delete all data retrieved from the National DGC Platform the previous day;
  • analyse all the companies found to be accredited at the time of processing, and will check, in the initial phase, the size of the same, concerning the number of employees, where it was not possible to do so online and, for companies whose number of employees is greater than 50, will identify the employees, concerning the individual reports transmitted by the same companies, through the UNIEMENS flows, and present in the Institute's systems at the time of processing, with reference to the company number for private employees, the CIDA for agricultural management employees, the tax identification code and the progressive number of the place of service for civil servants;
  • query for the employees the National DGC Platform, in order to retrieve information on possessing the green pass;
  • the retrieved data will be stored in the Institute's systems for 24 hours, after which it will be deleted and the previous steps will be repeated;
  • during this phase, which will normally be carried out from 20 to 23.59 of each day, the verification system may not be active.


The inspectors, accredited during the first phase, access the verification service and, after selecting the companies for which they have been accredited, display the list of all employees of the company (without viewing the outcome of the green pass), for which the Institute has acquired the outcome of the check regarding the possession of the green pass at the National DGC Platform.

The inspectors select, among the employees in the list displayed, only the staff actually in service, who are expected to access the workplaces, excluding those absent from the service and the employees working flexibly, and, only for the selected positions, they can check the possession of the green pass.

During the processing phase, the inspectors will not be able to access the verification service, in the event of an access attempt a specific information message will be displayed that shows the service availability times.

Inspectors will be able to identify and authenticate themselves to the verification service using their credentials.