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Citizens’ Social Security Portal

Publication: 20/04/2022

It is a portal for accessing the main services provided by the INPS to users.

The service is aimed at all workers, both civil servants and private dependent workers, Italians or foreigners, pensioners and people who have submitted or must submit a claim for civilian invalidity.

Through the Citizens' Social Security Portal it is possible to view, download and print documentation relating to one's own tax position, health or income certifications and correspondence sent by INPS.

Available features are as follows:

  • printing;
  • help;
  • online communications (submission, communications list) - database for parents' employment;
  • master record - summary database information;
  • Civil Servants' Pension Scheme measures- viewing of the measures issued by the Civil Servants' Pension Scheme;
  • submitted claims for pensions - display of letters of acceptance and refusal of pension claims;
  • insurance position (account statement, contribution reporting, Separate Pension Scheme, integrated account statement) - information on one's tax position and tools for managing reports to be sent to INPS;
  • benefits:
    • pensions of the holder (pension list, master record, detail, delegation, collection, union delegations, pay office change);
      • information on pension reports;
    • payments, claims submitted, tax return, €80 Bonus (Decree-law No. 66 of 24 April, 2014);
      • information on payments received, claims submitted and RED campaigns;
  •  civilian invalidity (introductory medical certificate, submitted claims, completed medical procedure) - information on the claims for which the health procedure has ended and display of the introductory medical certificate and claims submitted;
  • Decree of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance of 21 September 2015;
  • INPS responds - display of the claims placed in the customer information point;
  • forms (Certification of the withholding agent from 2016, Certification of the withholding agent from 2015 - Unified CUD 2013-2014 - pensioners CUD until 2012, CUD of insureds until 2012, Pension certificate - OBIS / M, tax certificate for professionals, other tax certificates) - display of relevant forms;
  • backed loan of one-fifth - information on active one fifth-backed loans;
  • Online postal box - display of documentation sent to users.

The online service is accessed through its own login details.