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Digital Pension Consultant

Publication: 08/09/2022

The Digital Pension Consultant is a personalised service through which pensioners can easily check whether they are entitled to supplementary benefits to increase their payment amount.

The service also contains answers to some of the most frequent questions from pensioners, providing personalised help based on their specific situation.

Pensioners from pension schemes paid by the INPS may make use of the service.

The service is available both for users with authenticated log-in via their credentials and for users in unauthenticated mode.

Anyone who enters their credentials will have access to a selection of personalised information and a simplified path.

By selecting one or more suggestions and answering any questions from the Digital Pension Consultant, a pensioner will be able to understand how to proceed with any pension recalculation requests or how to find the desired information, to verify, before submitting a possible claim, the existence of the requirements to be entitled to some supplementary benefits.