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Income support services: access to the claims portal

Publication: 20/04/2022

The portal dedicated to claims for income support services allows claims to be submitted online to obtain financial assistance benefits provided to families and individual workers in the event of unemployment, redundancy or reduced work capacity.

The portal is intended for workers enrolled in the INPS private social schemes.

The claim can be completed online for the following services (described in the Information section under each menu item):

  • ASDI (Claim for Unemployment Social Allowance / New Social Security Allowance for residents of the Autonomous Province of Trento, ASDI Com - Notice of change in the employment or contribution situation of the beneficiary of ASDI);
  • NASpI (NASpI Allowance, NASpI-COM Communications, Early NASpI);
  • ASpI, unemployment, mobility and special building allowance (Allowance of ASpI and Mini ASpI, Non-agricultural unemployment, Redundancy, DIS-COLL, Special building allowance, Form DS56-bis);
  • Unemployment and/or agricultural ANF (Submission of claims, Review of claims);
  • Maternity, Childbirth Allowance, Baby Bonus, Early Days Bonus (claim for nurseries contribution and babysitting voucher);
  • Disability (Extraordinary Leave, Authorisations Law 104/1992);
  • Family allowance (ANF Authorisations, ANF Separate pension scheme, ANF Domestic Workers, ANF Anti-tuberculosis Benefits, ANF Non-Agricultural Unemployment, ANF Discontinued or Bankrupt Firms) and Family Checks (AF Independent Farmers, Tenant Farmers, AF Small Independent Farmers);
  • Thermal spa treatment (Anti-tuberculosis allowance);
  • Marriage leave allowance;
  • Call to arms;
  • Repatriation of non-EU workers;
  • Guarantee Fund claim;
  • Illness Allowance and Hospitalisation Separate Pension Scheme;
  • Tax deductions (MV10);
  • Reservation services (ASpI claim reservation, Mini ASpI claim reservation, DIS-COLL claim reservation, HIP claim reservation).

Using the "Quality of service" feature, the user can complete the evaluation questionnaire on the online service used and provide improvement suggestions.

For payment of all income support services, the user must complete, save and upload the SR163 form "Claim for income support services" (available from 15 April 2016 in the Forms section), necessary for the verification of the IBAN, to send the claim. The applicant must specify the method of payment, already indicated in the benefit claim and, in the case of deposit, and the reference data of the agency or branch of the credit institution (bank/post office) that disburses the payment using the IBAN code, referred to the account of the applicant, bearing the date, stamp and signature of the bank or postal officer.

In case of current accounts or prepaid cards at virtual credit institutes, the document released online by the connection procedure to the account in which the holder appears is sufficient.

For more details, refer to INPS message no. 1652 of 14 January 2016.