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Legal Parties System (SSG) for matters concerning Pensions

Publication: 20/04/2022

The Legal Parties System (SSG) is an environment where data and information may be exchanged between legal parties and the INPS in the performance of activities related to the world of pensions, as well as the management of any specific relationship that exists between the two actors.

The objective is to have a single entry point in the world of pension benefits regarding legal institutions. Therefore a single controlled and standardised database, achieved through a process of timely and periodic validation of available data, which is responsible for collecting the subject's certified date (Tax Code, name, registered office, legal representative, VAT number, etc.) at the institutions responsible for managing the data themselves (Tax Register, Chamber of Commerce, IVASS [Italian Institute for the Supervision of Insurance], ANIA [National Association of Insurance Companies], IPA [Public Administration Index], etc.).

The System can therefore collect, in this single container, all the relevant matters in place between the legal entity and the INPS' scope of pensions and give its availability to the subject itself, also achieving the integration and connection between the major information systems present in INPS.

The Legal Parties System (SSG) is intended for legal institutes working with INPS pensions (for example: a bank or finance company that provides a loan that can be repaid through the assignment of a fifth of the pension, an insurance company that covers the risk of premature death in a Voluntary APE (Financial advance payment guaranteed by pension) contract, or legal institutes that hold pledges).

Access to the platform is reserved for the legal representative, and to one of their delegates, who may access the system using their login details and subject to the issue of a special authorisation to be claimed with form MV59.