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Maritime workers: online communication of pay flows

Publication: 20/04/2022

For the payment of illness benefits for maritime workers, the Institute shall carry out the necessary checks to verify the administrative requirements and calculate the benefits on the basis of the remuneration received by those entitled during the reference period.

For the communication of pay data by shipowners, an online service has been set up that allows for single or bulk sending for aggregated flows by means of the worker's tax code.

The service is addressed to shipowners or their (delegates).

The application is accessed from the INPS portal, after authentication through the credentials already used for communications relating to the changes and the first registration of the ship's registry on the “Company registry” system.

On the basis of the information present, a list is proposed containing the companies for which the user is authorised to operate, with details of the relevant vessels.

Once the ship has been selected, the application makes a menu available with the following items that can be used for communicating and displaying pay data:

  • Single transmission: this function allows the manual entry of data for a single pay position. At the time of entry, formal and substantive checks will be made on the correctness of the information provided. Pay data may only be transmitted after these checks have been passed;
  • Massive transmission: this new function allows the transmission of an XML file, whose outline is published as an attachment, containing several salary positions. When the file is uploaded, formal checks will be made on the correctness of the file itself, only after which the file will be transmitted;
  • Transmission consultation: this function allows important information on the transmitted communications (identification, acquisition date, validation date and status) to be displayed, separated into single and massive, with the relative details;
  • Search: this section allows you to search for salary positions in the system, using special search filters. On the individual salary positions displayed, this function allows access to details and, for “valid” salary positions only, cancellation claims to the competent office;
  • Cancellation Claims: this section allows you to search for and view information about the pay positions for which you have claimed cancellation.

For any other information, please consult the user manual published under the relevant menu item.