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On-line PIN

Publication: 20/04/2022

A PIN (Personal Identification Number) is the personal identification code that allows access to INPS' on-line services, based on the user's personal data and other data in the archives. Due to this recognition system, all users can use the services dedicated to them.

The on-line PIN can be claimed by any user who wishes to use the on-line services offered by the INPS.

The PIN can be ordinary, to consult the data of your contribution position or your pension, or for your device, to claim benefits and economic benefits to which you are entitled.

However, users may also submit a claim for services with the ordinary PIN, to block any possible deadline. The claim will be processed as soon as the user has converted the ordinary PIN into a device PIN.

The PIN can be claimed:

  • at the INPS offices (in this case, the PIN will be a device PIN);
  • on-line, through the PIN claim procedure;
  • through the Contact Centre, by calling the toll-free number 803 164 (free from a landline) or +39 06 164 164 from a mobile network (for a fee based on the telephone operator's tariff plan).

INPS offices immediately issue the device PIN.

On the other hand, PINs obtained on-line or through the Contact Centre are of an ordinary type. To claim services and economic benefits it is therefore necessary to convert the ordinary PIN into a device PIN.

The PIN assigned to the user expires every six months, while the PIN assigned to institutional intermediaries expires every three months. Users can regenerate their PIN through simple on-line operations and thus obtain a new PIN.