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Portal for Doctors/official technical consultants (CTU)

Publication: 20/04/2022

The CTU portal is a web application, included in the online services of INPS, for communications between doctors official technical consultants (CTU) and INPS regarding medical-legal litigation.

The service is intended for doctors official technical consultants (CTU).

The Portal offers a set of professional services and it concerns specifically:

  • change of personal details. It entails the completion, by the CTU doctors, of a specific data form;
  • entering information relating to the expert's actions;
  • entry of new summons;
  • management of expert reports and consultation of observations of the INPS doctor;
  • consultation of payments made for the benefit of the CTU doctor linked to the Portal (or for the benefit of the Institution where the same works, if the doctor works as a private doctor inside a public health institute).

For further details on this function, please consult the User Manual (pdf 3,80MB).