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QR-Code on civilian invalidity reports

Publication: 20/04/2022

The civilian invalidity reports are integrated on the cover page by the presence of a QR-Code, a special matrix code able to store information readable by mobile devices through special application.

The service is aimed at public administrations and public or private institutions which, through a special agreement with the INPS, intend to make use of the possibility of verifying the validity of a health report for the provision of certain facilitated services (for example, the reduction in the cost of tickets for local public transport) or for access to certain benefits (for example, the purchase of a car with reduced VAT).

Thanks to this procedure, it is possible to verify the authenticity and validity of the report in real time by accessing constantly-updated information and thus eliminating the risk of an altered paper report.

Using the INPS Mobile application (or another application that can read QR-Codes), simply frame the QR-Code on the report with your smartphone or tablet camera. The application automatically directs the user to INPS's portal where, once the access credentials and tax code of the person holding the report have been entered, it will be possible to view the data of the report itself.

If you use the INPS Mobile application, the portal recognition is automatic, and it is therefore necessary to enter only the tax code of the report holder.

The system allows the individual to view the legal doctor's opinion and the date of the health review, the period of validity (in case a subsequent report for the same subject and for the same type is present in the archive) and the possible right to tax benefits.