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TFR (severance indemnity) allocations dashboard (Civil servants)

Publication: 08/09/2022

The “TFR (severance indemnity) Allocations dashboard - Civil servants” is the service that allows civil servants to view their TFR allocation, based on the data notified by the employer, through the monthly contribution reports processed at the time of the consultation.

The consultation service is aimed at all citizens who are civil servants and at the patronage institutes in possession of an appropriate delegation for viewing a citizen’s remuneration positions.

By accessing the service you can view the list of remuneration periods retrieved from the insurance position archives and the related details of the data used to calculate the TFR (severance indemnity). For each employment relationship, the service will indicate the gross amount of the TFR accrued at the date of consultation, including any net revaluation pursuant to Article 2120 of the Italian Civil Code.

The service is currently being tested at some locations and with gradual extension throughout the country.