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Minimum of wage for workers abroad and part-time workers

Publication: 10/12/2020 Last update: 17/05/2023

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For workers in part-time employment, the minimum wage is not worked out on a daily basis but on an hourly basis. It is obtained by comparing the daily minimum wage to the days of normal working hours per week and dividing the amount obtained by the number of hours contractually required per week for full-time work. If the worker is paid monthly and works a short week, the number of days to be taken into account is always six, whereas if the worker is paid by the hour, the non-working Saturday must be excluded.

For some categories of workers, contributions are payable on conventional wages instead of actual wages, as in the case of Italian employees of Italian companies or companies operating in Italy who are sent abroad to foreign countries that do not apply the same rates.

Remuneration of workers abroad

For workers abroad, wages are set by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, which issues a decree by no later than 31 January of each year.

Relevant legislation

Article 4(1) of Decree-Law No 317 of 31 July 1987 converted with amendments by Law No 398 of 3 October 1987.

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