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Family benefits

Publication: 10/12/2020 Last update: 17/05/2023

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You are eligible for the household allowance if you are an employee or receive employment benefits such as, for example, NASpI, CIG, or CISOA payments, or pensions from the employees pension scheme.

You are also eligible if you are enrolled in the separately managed or domestic workers social security and pension scheme.

You are not eligible if you are a self-employed worker, unless you are already retired with a pension paid out by the self-employed workers pension scheme.

The amount varies depending on the features of the household unit: type (e.g. married couple or single-parent), composition, and income of household unit.

Applications must be submitted electronically to the Institute following the specific procedures available for each category of worker (e.g. ANF DIP employees in the private sector, ANF separately managed scheme) accessible within the ‘applications for income support benefits’ service.

To find out under which circumstances and how you can file an application, what you are entitled to and whom you can contact, please check the following chapter in the MISSOC (Mutual Information System on Social Protection) Guide.

Please note: updates for 2020 are being published by the MISSOC Secretariat.

Family benefits

Applicable statutory basis

  • Presidential Decree 797/1955
  • Law No 153/1988

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