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Business registration and change procedure

Publication: 10/12/2020 Last update: 25/08/2023

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Business registration and change procedure, available in the Institution’s online services

Select the 'access the service' button; call up the 'services for businesses and consultants' function; enter your login credentials to continue; access the menu by choosing 'New business registration'; fill in the form and enter all the information required by the procedure:

  • Business tax code;
  • Business name;
  • Headquarters address (with employees);
  • Registered office address;
  • Ateco 2007 code and description of the activity;
  • Tax code and personal details of the holder and/or legal representative;
  • After entering the data, the procedure will issue the registration decision with the registration number, in order to allow the payment of contributions for employees.
  • In the cases provided for in the procedure, on the basis of the activity declared and other information requested and entered, it will be possible to obtain, in addition to the matriculation number, also the contributory classification with the issue of the classification provision (see below).

(alternatively, the single company start-up notification – ComUnica, which must be submitted to the Business Register kept by the Chambers of Commerce, may be used).

Authority responsible for the procedure

Steps of the procedure

  • Logging in, filling in form, issuing of receipt, printing.

Login details, identification, and signature required by the procedure


Type and format of documentary evidence

  • As for the payment of employees contributions: the registration provision with the identification number and classification provision with matriculation and classification.

Means of redress or appeal

  • Administrative appeal against the decision classifying employers, pursuant to Article 50 of Law No 88 of 9.3.1989, to be submitted within 90 days of receipt of the notification of the INPS decision.

The applicable fees and the online methods of payment

  • Free service.

Estimated deadlines and timescales

  • With the automated procedure for the classification of employers, the provision of registration with the identification number assigned or the provision of classification provision are issued immediately after completing the application for registration; in cases in which the automated classification is not possible, the office with territorial jurisdiction will attribute the correct classification to the employer (on average, the estimated time is 3 days).

Any rules concerning a lack of reply from the competent authority

Possible additional languages in which the procedure may be effected.

  • The service is available in Italian and in German.

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