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Citizens’ social security portal

Publication: 07/12/2020 Last update: 17/05/2023

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Citizens' social security portal

Methods of access: Clicking on the link above will allow you to access the service dashboard. By clicking on 'Accedi al servizio' [Login to the service], you will then be able to select the desired desktop procedure and use its functions, following authentication.
Description: The citizens' social security portal allows you to view, download and print documentation relating to your tax status, health or income certificates, and correspondence sent by INPS.

The following functions are available:

  • Print;
  • Help;
  • Electronic communications (send and view communications) – parent employment database;
  • Detailed personal information – summary of personal information;
  • Measures of the civil servant management structure – view measures issued by the civil servant management structure;
  • Submitted pension applications – view pension application acceptance and rejection letters;
  • Insurance status (account statements, contribution history, separate account management, integrated account statements) – information relating to your insurance status and tools for managing the reports to be submitted to INPS;
  • Services:
  • Pensions received (list of pensions, personal information, breakdown, proxies, collection operations, union proxies, change of paying office);
  • Pension information;
  • Payments, requests submitted, income declarations, EUR 80 bonus (Decree Law No 66 of 24 April 2014);
  • Information on payments received, applications submitted, and RED campaigns;
  • Civil disability (introductory medical certificate, applications submitted, medical procedure carried out) – information on the applications for which a medical procedure was carried out, also allows you to view the introductory medical certificate and any applications submitted;
  • Decree of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of 21 September 2015;
  • INPS responses – view the questions asked via the customer information point;
  • Forms (wage and tax statement from 2016 onwards, wage and tax statement from 2015 onwards – unified wage and tax statement 2013-2014 – wage and tax statement for pensioners up until 2012, wage and tax statement for insured persons up until 2012, pension certificate – OBIS/M form, professional tax certificate, other tax certificates) – view the associated forms;
  • Salary-backed loans – information on plans for salary-backed loans;
  • Online mailbox – view documentation sent to the user.
  • Stages of the procedure
    Authentication, consultation, printing.
  • Accepted means of authentication, identification and signature for the procedure
  • Type and format of documentary evidence
    A consultation procedure which does not require documentary evidence. The procedure allows you to download, save and print pdf documents on your device (example: benefits paid).
  • Means of redress or appeals
    Not provided.
  • The applicable fees and the online methods of payment
    Free service.
  • Estimated deadlines and timeframes
    The consultation service is always available.
  • Any rules concerning a lack of reply from the competent authority
    The procedure is always available (24 hours). To report any problem please send an email to:
  • Any additional languages in which the procedure can be carried out
    The procedure is available only in Italian.

Leggi questa pagina in Italiano