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Publication: 10/12/2020 Last update: 17/05/2023

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Maternity and parental leave for employees, the self-employed and workers in the separately managed scheme

Access procedure: Click the link at the top to access the online maternity leave application service by selecting the relevant question regarding your employment status after authentication.
Description: The service provides access to obtain general information on performance, consult user manuals, submit applications for maternity leave, check applications already submitted, check the application file and other functions.

The main features available are as follows:

  • Information on individual benefits
  • Cancellation of applications;
  • Consultation of applications;
  • Consultation of files.
  • Stages of the procedure
    Authentication, submission of application, consultation, printing.
  • Means of authentication, identification, signature accepted for the procedure
  • Type and format of documentary evidencee
    Online certificate of pregnancy.
  • Means of redress or appeal
    Administrative appeal to the Provincial Committee referred to in Article 46 of Law No 88 of 9 March 1989.
  • The applicable fees and the online methods of payment
    Free service.
  • Estimated deadlines and timeframes
    The consultation service is always available.
  • Any additional languages in which the procedure can be carried out
    The procedure is available only in Italian.


Leggi questa pagina in Italiano