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Pension Claim, Pension amount variation, Accruals, ECOCERT, Social APE (advance pension payment) and Early Benefit

Publication: 10/12/2020 Last update: 17/05/2023

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Pension Claim, Pension amount variation, Accruals, ECOCERT, Social APE (advance pension payment) and Early Benefit

Means of access: By clicking on the link at the top, you can access the service presentation tab. By clicking on ‘Access to service’, you can select the relevant desktop procedure and, after authentication, use its functions.

The services in question are:

  • Early retirement;
  • Incapacity pension;
  • Invalidity benefits;
  • Social allowance;
  • Retirement pension;
  • Reconstitution of the pension;
  • Accrued and uncollected accruals;
  • Certificate account statement;
  • Social EPA;
  • Benefit for early workers.
  • Steps of the procedure
    Authentication, entry of missing personal data, selection of the type of pension requested and of the home fund, declarations of responsibility, entry of family/income data, submission of application.
  • Means of authentication, identification, signature accepted for the procedure
  • Type and format of documentary evidence
    The claim is pre-filled with all data available in the INPS archives. The documentation is required in residual cases and it is indicated in the form of every specific retirement benefit claim.
  • Means of redress or appeal
    The right to lodge an administrative appeal against the administrative liquidation decision with the INPS Provincial Committee within 90 days of the date of receipt of the decision (Article 46 of Law No 88 of 9 March 1989).
    The appeal may only be sent by one of the following telematic means:
    • online (using the PIN code issued by the Institute, or using the Public Digital Identity System — SPID at least Level 2 — or the National Service Charter [CNS]) on the website and using the 'All Services' > 'Complaints Online' route;
    • through a board or other persons authorised to act with the Institute.
      If the insured person is resident in a country of the European Union and the European Economic Area, in Switzerland or in countries outside the Community which have an agreement with Italy, the appeal may also be brought through the relevant foreign institution and the date of the appeal shall be the date on which the appeal is brought with that institution.
      If the competent Committee has not decided on the appeal within 90 days of the date of submission, the insured person may bring legal proceedings to be notified directly to the INPS Pension Settlements Office.

    Right to propose legal action within three years from the date of receipt of the notice of payment of the pension, in the event that the insured person considers that the recognition of the benefit has occurred partially (Article 47 of Presidential Decree No 639 of 30 April 1970, as amended by Article 38 of Decree Law No 98 of 6 July 2011, converted into Law No 111 of 15 July 2011).
    The legal action must be notified to the service settlement Directorate, having the legal representative of the Institute chosen for this purpose as a special domicile at the Directorate itself, pursuant to Article 47 of the Civil Code and for the purposes of Article 30 of the Code of Civil Procedure.

  • The applicable fees and the online methods of payment
    Free service.
  • Estimated deadlines and timescales
    • Old age (excl. Special funds): 60 days;
    • Early (excl. Special funds): 60 days;
    • Invalidity and incapacity (excl. Special funds): 90 days;
    • Indirect (excl. Special funds): 60 days;
    • Spouse's pension (excl. Special funds): 60 days;
    • Payment of pensions for special funds: 90 days.
  • Any legal references in the absence of a reply from the competent autority
    INPS Decision No 47 of 2 July 2010: Regulation defining the time limits for the conclusion of proceedings pursuant to Article 2 of Law No 241 of 7 August 1990, as amended by Article 7 of Law No 69 of 2009.
  • Any additional languages in which the procedure can be carried out
    The procedure is available only in Italian.

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