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Pension slip

Access procedure: Clicking on the link above will allow you to access the service dashboard. By clicking on 'Accedi al servizio' [Login to the service], you will then be able to select the desired desktop procedure and use its functions after authentication.
Description: You can use the service to consult your pension slip, check the payments made by the National Social Security Institute (INPS) every month, find out why this amount may change and access other consultation, certification and data change services.

The main features available are as follows:

  • compare slips;
  • view slips;
  • view list of settlement tables (TE08 forms);
  • list of trade union delegations;
  • management of trade union delegations on pension payments;
  • communications;
  • contact details;
  • change your personal details;
  • summary of personal details;
  • summary of personal and payment details;
  • certified email information;
  • change paying office;
  • display and edit personal details, address and contact details;
  • recover Single Certification;
  • print Single Certification.
  • Stages of the procedure
    Authentication, consultation, printing.
  • Means of authentication, identification and signature accepted for the procedure
  • Type and format of documentary evidence
    A consultation procedure which does not require documentary evidence. The procedure allows you to download, save and print pdf documents on your device.
  • Means of redress or appeals
    Not provided.
  • The applicable fees and the online methods of payment
    Free service.
  • Estimated deadlines and timeframes
    The consultation service is always available.
  • Any rules concerning a lack of reply from the competent authority
    The procedure is always available (24 hours). To report any problem please send an email to:
  • Any additional languages in which the procedure can be carried out
    The procedure is available only in Italian.

Leggi questa pagina in Italiano

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