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Publication: 10/12/2020 Last update: 17/05/2023

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Services for businesses and consultants > Cassetto previdenziale aziende (Area for businesses and consultants)

Means of access:
Via this link you can access the Services for Businesses and Consultants Portal and the ‘Cassetto previdenziale Aziende’ (company social security dashboard).

After logging in you can select the company social security dashboard procedure and use its functions.

The employer/legal representative must, as a matter of priority, apply for authorisation by submitting form SC65 accompanied by an identity document to the INPS office.

Description: The company social security dashboard includes and provides services that are useful for giving businesses an overview of their situation by providing verification of the main characteristics and information through a single access channel.

The company social security dashboard provides access to:

  • brief personal details;
  • detailed personal details;
  • associated companies;
  • holdings with the same tax code;
  • reference status (parent holding);
  • affiliated entities;
  • positions of self-employed persons;
  • list of breaks (periods with no employees in the workforce);
  • previous company titles;
  • employment periods;
  • additional information;
  • credits/defaults;
  • presence of CIG [wage compensation fund] and CIGS [special wage compensation fund] applications;
  • rectifications;
  • E-mens reports submitted;
  • DM10-01M comparison;
  • purchaser 10%;
  • overview of supervisory inspections;
  • entry in the register;
  • payment deferrals;
  • requests for deferral;
  • inter-branch funds;
  • hybrid mail;
  • Infocamere data;
  • printing of the complete file.

The company social security dashboard procedure includes a two-way communication service, the main objective of which is to put in place a structured method of communication between the company and the Institution. With this function businesses can send a request to the appropriate office, choosing a subject from among those available (DM sent, F24 payment form, business classification, contribution terms, etc.).

Documents can be attached to support the application.

There is also the 'Appointments schedule' function where businesses can book an appointment with the office concerned with the employee register by selecting a day and time within the months available to the procedure and by sending any supporting documentation so as to reduce the time needed for the appointment and receive a reminder by email and SMS of the scheduled appointment.

Authority responsible for the procedure

Steps of the procedure

  • Authentication, consultation, printing.

Login details, identification, and signature required by the procedure


Type and format of documentary evidence

  • The procedure provides different functions useful for businessman or consultants authorised on his behalf to verify and manage the information and contributory INPS fulfilments provided for in the applicable national rules. For any function use specific instructions are provided and through the two-way communication service is possible to attach documents up to a maximum of 3 megabyte.

Means of redress and appeal

  • In the event of correction notes and other provisions reported in the dashboard and notified by the INPS via PEC (certified e-mail) to the company, appeal can be submitted to the INPS by the procedure “Ricorsi online”.

Expected costs and online payment methods

  • Free service.

Estimated deadlines and timescales

  • Consultation synchronous online service is always available. For INPS answers to questions sent via the two-way communication service, average reply times could vary from 5 to 25 days, depending on the complexity of the question.

Any rules concerning a lack of reply from the competent authority

Possible additional languages in which the procedure may be effected

  • The procedure is available only in Italian language.

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