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Refund to employers for rest days of blood donor workers

Publication: 04/03/2022

Employee who donates blood for free are granted a paid day off.

All dependent workers insured under the private INPS scheme, regardless of the qualification and work sector, have the right to a rest day and to the relative payment for blood donation.
In case of unsuitability for the donation, the payment to the dependent worker is also guaranteed, limited to the time necessary for ascertaining the aforementioned unsuitability (article 1, ministerial decree 18 November 2015).
Employers are entitled to the reimbursement of the wages paid to the workers for the hours not worked during the day of donation.

In the case of donation with a minimum withdrawal of 250 grams of blood at centres authorised by the Ministry of Health (fixed or mobile collection center, blood transfusion center or production center for blood products), resulting from the specific certification of the transfusion center, the worker is entitled to remuneration for the hours not worked during the day of the donation.
If the worker is considered unsuitable for donation, he/she will be entitled to the remuneration that would have been paid to him for the hours not worked included in the time interval necessary to ascertain the aforementioned unsuitability, resulting from the specific certification of the transfusion center.
The worker is also entitled to the imputed contribution for the hours not worked on the donation day.
Employers that must submit contribution reports must compensate the remuneration due for the hours not worked on the donation day and must file the documentation provided by the workers (declaration of the worker and certification of the transfusion center), communicating monthly to INPS the list of compensation for blood donations, even partial (unsuitability to serve as blood donor).

Employers not required to submit contribution reports must apply for refund by direct payment of the amounts paid in advance to the workers. The reimbursement claim can be submitted to INPS online via the dedicated service, according to the instructions provided by Circular no. 5 of 16 January 2012, enclosing the donation-related documentation.
Alternatively, claims can be submitted by:

  • phoning the contact centre at 803 164 (free from Italian landlines) or +06 164 164 from mobile phones;
  • by electronic services offered by patronage institutes and intermediaries thereof.