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One-off allowance for survivors

Publication: 04/05/2022

The one-off allowance is a allowance granted on claim to the insured's survivors, whose pension benefits would have been settled exclusively according to the contributory system, in the event that, at the time of the beneficiary's death, there are no longer any insurance requirements and contributions for survivors' pensions (Article 1, paragraph 20, Law No. 335 of 8 August 1995).

The indemnity is aimed at the relatives of the deceased who are recipients of a pension benefit with a contributory calculation system.

The one-off allowance is paid in the amount corresponding to the monthly amount of the social allowance, in force at the time of the insured's death, multiplied by the number of contributions annually credited in favour of the latter. The The one-off allowance is calculated in proportion to the weeks covered by the contribution, for periods of less than one year.

The amount of the one-off allowance is distributed among the beneficiaries on the basis of criteria followed for the survivor's pension.

In the event that a survivor is not entitled to a allowance because he is a recipient of an INAIL annuity or because he has income above the established limits, the entire allowance must be distributed among the other survivors who are entitled to it.


Allowance can be granted to survivors, as identified for the pension, provided that:

  • the insurance and contribution requirements for the indirect pension do not exist;
  • survivors are not entitled to annuities for accidents at work or occupational diseases as a result of the insured's death;
  • income terms referred to in Article 2 paragraph 2, of Law No. 335/1995 are complied with;
  • survivors do not have the right to an indirect supplementary pension as they do not have the right to a survivor's pension paid by a successor, exclusive or exempt fund of the Compulsory General Insurance (AGO).

It must be noted that for survivors of workers enrolled under the Separate Pension Scheme, referred to in Article 2, paragraph 26, Law 335/1995, the right to an indirect supplementary pension is also granted in the presence of indirect pension ownership by the AGO and of the obligatory pension management of self-employed.


The claim to INPS must be submitted on-line using the dedicated service.

Alternatively, claims can be made by:

  • Calling the contact centre on +39 803 164 (free from Italian landlines) or +39 06 164 164 from mobile phones.
  • On-line services offered by patronage institutes and intermediaries thereof.