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Social Life Insurance for dependent workers of public law institutes (ASV)

Publication: 04/05/2022

The Social Life Insurance guarantees an economic benefit in the event of death of the policy holder or of one of their dependants.

The benefit is reserved for workers of public law institutes, whether economic or not, for whom registration with the Social Life Insurance is compulsory. The benefit is also granted to dependent workers of charities or associations that are either voluntarily or traditionally registered with the Insurance company. Entitlement to the benefit will only be granted after 180 days of insurance.

Government personnel are excluded.

Personnel registered with the Social Life Insurance for at least five years and who are entitled to a pension when leaving their service may voluntarily continue the policy by submitting the claim within one month of the retirement date. The contribution is calculated on the total sum of personal benefits to which the pensioner is a policy holder.

From 2013 the payment of the contribution is carried out via annual deduction, made by the INPS on the September instalment of the highest-value personal pension.

Holders of personal pensions provided by pension schemes other than the INPS, workers who have left the service but have not yet retired, and holders of special income support allowances that accompany their pension may also apply for voluntary continuation and must continue to pay their contribution by 30 September of each year, in accordance with the procedures in use up to 31 December 2012, i.e. through form F24, using the causal code P810 provided for active workers.

What am I entitled to?

The amount to be paid is:

  • one average gross month's payment per dependant (with a minimum of two) in the event of the death of the policy holder;
  • one average gross month's payment paid to the policy holder in the event of the death of the spouse;
  • half of one average gross month's payment in the event of the death of another dependent member of the family (child, parent or sibling);
  • one average gross month's payment to the person who bore the funeral expenses in the absence of dependent family members.

The average monthly payment is obtained by dividing, by twelve, the sum of the gross earnings (payment or pension) received by the policy holder during the twelve months preceding the date of death, including any additional month's salaries and other allowances.

The subsidy is not subject to revenue withholding tax and is paid by crediting the beneficiary's bank or postal account.

Withdrawal of benefit

Pursuant to Article 1924, paragraph 2 of the Italian Civil Code, non-payment of the contribution within 20 days of the deadline of 30 September each year (that is to say before 20 October), by individuals choosing to continue making payments through F24, results in forfeiture of insurance and loss of entitlement to benefits with effect from 01 January of the following year.

Holders with voluntary continuation and with an annual pension deduction who intend to withdraw, renouncing the benefit, must sent the claim to interrupt (waive) their voluntary continuation to the INPS exclusively online by using the dedicated service. The claim must be received by 31 December at the latest and shall take effect on 01 January of the following year.

The claim for payment of the benefit must be submitted within one year from the date of death, otherwise the entitlement will be lost.


The allowance beneficiaries are the policy holder in the event of the death of their spouse or other dependent family member, or the spouse of the deceased policy holder. This shall apply even if the two are separated, provided that they are not divorced and have not remarried.

In the absence of a surviving spouse, the benefit is due to the following in order:

  • children, adopted children and stepchildren who are single or unmarried, minors, or permanently unable to work. Children who are high school students up to the age of 21, and university students legally undertaking a course of studies who are under the age of 26, are also eligible;
  • in the absence of children, the benefit will be due to cohabiting parents, dependent parents, parents who are unable to work or who are older than the pension age. In order to be considered as a dependant of the policy holder, they must not have an income exceeding the limit established for the purposes of entitlement to family allowances (in the event that both parents are still alive, the requirement will take both incomes into consideration);
  • in the absence of parents, the benefit is due to siblings who are single or unmarried, minors, or permanently unable to work.

In addition to these individuals, the guardian for minor children who are dependent on the deceased holder may also apply, or if they do not have a dependent family member at the time of death, then the individual who bore the funeral expenses may apply.

Useful documentation

  • Circular no. 145 of 19 December 2012
  • Circular no. 42 of 21 March 2013
  • Circular no. 70 of 30 April 2013
  • Circular no. 104 of 12 September 2014

How can I claim?

The claim must be submitted to INPS online by using the dedicated service.