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Access to services as a company or consultant

Publication: 21/12/2021

The Portal provides the following services for companies and consultants:

  • DM10 form submission;
  • DM10 form online filling;
  • GLA form submission;
  • Monthly EMENS reports submission;
  • Online forms submission;
  • EMENS online;
  • EMENS -  para-subordinate workers' report;
  • View submitted DM10 forms;
  • View submitted GLA forms;
  • View submitted EMENS reports;
  • CIGS  (extraordinary wage compensation fund) claims submission;
  • Claim contributions compliance;
  • Subsidies portal (formerly DiResCo);
  • Domestic work employment services;
  • View adjustment notes;
  • View contributions compliance;
  • Document of contributions compliance (DURC);
  • Document of contributions compliance for farm workers;
  • Company enrolment and variation;
  • Company Social Security Box;
  • Special Air Transport Fund claims submission;
  • Special Credit Fund claims submission;
  • Second level collective bargaining agreement tax relief;
  • Submission of the list of redundant workers;
  • Home control medical examination claim.

The Sports and Entertainment Sector Services menu option (published on 27 February 2015) also provides access to services for employers, consultants and workers/professionals on the Entertainment Workers' Pension Fund and the Professional Athletes' Pension Fund, arranged into the following menu options:

  • business activity management;
  • registration for variation to workers;
  • management of compliance claims and contribution statements prior to 2015.

The services are available to companies and consultants and workers/professionals and category associations.